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4 ways Millennial play in role in B2B marketing success
Knct Social / 25 Mar /

Yes, b2b marketing is rapidly evolving. But, how exactly is it evolving? How do we bring ourselves up to speed on these advancements? To answer these questions it is necessary to understand what (or who) is exactly dictating the terms of this shift. While it’s no novel fact that most of the B2B audience is online, the essential make up of this audience has changed over the past two years. Studies reveal that half of B2B researchers fall under the age category of 18-34, a steep rise: 70% over the past 3 years. Herein lies the basic key to all the answers we need. The key lies in tapping into the mindset of the millennials.

4 ways to win the heart of millennials

















1. What’s the deal with the millennials ?

The millennials make a thoroughly fascinating anthropological study because we are witnessing a generation born into and evolving in tandem with a medium that is advancing at a rapid rate. The millennials feel comfortable in their skin as digital natives, they expect harmonious interactions with technology and they have their finger on the pulse of everything that is new. There have been certain myths that purport that the millennials don’t effect B2B purchasing decisions, and this is far from the truth. It is important to acknowledge the vital importance the millennials play on purchasing decisions.

How does this help you? 
Find technology products and trends that are popular, let’s say in the last month. We can assure you that the popularity is a direct result of this age group (18-34) using it. Today, testimonials are created by product usage, clicks, and quick, trendy  feedback forms. Look into the key features of anything that has been a hit: packaging, promotion,  social media campaigns, and language used to advertise a popular product. Theses specifics should be studies individually and see how they come together seamlessly, ultimately the product example you are a looking at has charmed the digital native, so take notes.

2. What are their demands?

The millennials are much more saavy than their predecessors. They expect a clean, dynamic relationship with their vendors and have tend to be indifferent to vendors who take a long time to respond or lack a personal touch. They require swiftness, information and most importantly TRUSTED information. The millennials relish an environment of ingenuity, innovation ,and collaboration,a stark contrast to the older environment of narrowly defined job specifications.

How does this help you?
The key word is trusted. Gone are the days that quantities of entertaining (but factually inaccurate) content could satisfy, now people want crafted thoughts, real life scenarios and factual accuracy. So, slow down on your approach and make sure you have a strategy on how you want to engage with your audience. Smaller quantities that are appealing, written with an observant eye, and include emotional potency will win and triumph over large quantities of half-informative content. We are living in a world where information is accessible to us in a matter of seconds, don’t challenge the intelligence of your audience, they can call you out on inaccurate or copied material in seconds.

3. What do they offer?

It has been seen that millennials enjoy an almost symbiotic relationship with vendors they prefer. They are quick to provide positive feedback to vendors they prefer and it is even found that they exercise more restraint than older generations on negative feedback. In fact, the lack of feedback ought to worry vendors more than feedback itself. In essence, the millennials are quick to recognise the value of a good product but exercise a good deal of faith in vendors too.

How Does this Help You?
Millennials are a friendly lot and since they appreciate good things, they are most likely to tell you how you won their hearts. So make sure your feedback platforms are quick, fun, and if possible offer a treat or discount to your customer base. Then, truly take time to read and discuss the feedback with your team.

4. A shift back in time

Now that the world has gone digital, it is easy to assume that interactions have become more impersonal. In this particular case, the millennials share the opinion of their forebears. Studies show that the millennials prefer a more personable approach, often opting to go with a face to face interaction. Essentially, the millennials strive to reconstruct the digital world with vendors reminiscent of the Mom and Pop stores of the past. It is even seen that B2B researchers don’t particularly chase after brands but rather, they perform a generic search first. This open minded approach will probably result in the formation of a digital neighborhood of sorts.

How Does this Help You?
This is the old school trick that still resonates with digital customers. If you can make an impression on people with a personal and authentic touch, then you will find loyal followers. Your following has the chance of  growing organically and rapidly if you make the first impression strong and personable. It’s time to get cracking and start  successfully communicating with the new digital world.

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