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27 Mar 2018
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Marketing is inexorably tied to sales. If as a digital marketer, you are unable to correlate your marketing actions to the actual revenues, all your efforts are simply in vain.

23 Mar 2018
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Same difference, did you say? Not really. Though Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) sound similar, there are many differences, the nuances of which must be well understood for deeper success in digital marketing.

19 Mar 2018
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In a digital world, user experience occupies the highest pedestal. Without offering a good UX, your brand is bound to get derailed. The recent launch of Google Chrome’s ad blocker seems to bolster this idea further.

08 Mar 2018
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Dynamic Google Ads can be your secret ingredient to better traffic and conversions, if used wisely. Dynamic search ads (DSAs) can fill up the gaps in your search campaigns, help you expand your market and catch all those difficult traffic you never thought you would.

02 Mar 2018
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The digital landscape is changing and rapidly at that. You would need to acquaint yourself with new developments and trends that might alter the landscape further this year. Content marketing, much like other aspects of the digital marketing world, is also in a state of flux.

27 Feb 2018
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Being in possession of great content is not the same as having a strategy chalked out for it. Everyone has heard about how important quality content is for a successful website but not many digital marketers get down to writing down and documenting a strategy for this ‘great’ content.

20 Feb 2018
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Every digital marketer now knows that social media marketing is mandatory.  It does not matter if you are a small business, a large multi-million dollar corporation or a freelancer looking for more work -- everyone needs to hop on to the social media bandwagon.

13 Feb 2018
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Increasing traffic to the website is a large part of any digital marketing strategy. But mere increase in traffic won’t take you places. Along with footfalls, what a website needs to be successful is quality user engagement. This is where bounce rate comes in.

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