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Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018
Knct Social / 02 Mar /

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The digital landscape is changing and rapidly at that. You would need to acquaint yourself with new developments and trends that might alter the landscape further this year. Content marketing, much like other aspects of the digital marketing world, is also in a state of flux. Here are some trends you need to keep an eye on for this year:

Points to ponder for any Company

Content marketing is no longer limited to screens. As an increasing number of digital marketing companies realise, there is content everywhere, thanks to the Internet of Things or IoT. The world of wearables has meant that you now have content on your watch, you have virtual voice assistants that will respond to your queries…This will only become big, and as a content marketer, you will have a wealth of consumer data to harness and create targeted and relevant content.
More AI in the mix: Artificial intelligence is bound to change any digital marketing firm’s content strategy. Tools like predictive analysis and natural language processing will help you generate content that is effective.
Use of virtual reality: Using content in the virtual reality space may also be a big thing this year. Marketers will increasingly use VR in their content marketing strategy. So, if you are a company that offers customised tours or destinations, you could effectively use virtual reality to give your customers a feel of what your tours and destinations are like.
Live video and streaming: It’s 2018, and live video has simply taken over the world of content marketing. The best way for a content marketer to grab attention is to go live and show the audience the real human beings that are behind their favourite brands. It always helps to hear stories live from real people! Live video will further cement brand loyalty and engagement.
Era of personalised content: The other major trend is that content will get increasingly personalised. As a marketer, you will no longer create one video or post and send it out to the world, hoping someone somewhere will like it. You now have access to so much big data that you can create content that is tailor-made for your different customer personas.
Local matters: Much like personalised content is a huge thing, this year will also see content get localised. More marketers will get you content that is immediate and of relevance to you in your vicinity.
Influencers going strong: Brands have been using influencers to create marketing content, and this continues to go strong this year. Many brands are also getting their own employees and company insiders to deliver branding and create spheres of influence.
Original and engaging content is crucial: This may seem like the most natural and obvious aspect, but not many marketers have, in the past, focused on original content that your customers find engaging and can actually make use. Excessive branding in content may not find as many takers as content that is actually of value. In 2018, brands would do well to remember this and generate content that people want to engage with.
Sponsored content: Original content matters, but at the same time sponsored content will fetch you more engagement and better click-throughs because publishers who are taken seriously by people promote the content of your brand on their websites or platforms. This trend is already in place and will continue to reign in 2018.

The best way to ensure your content wins is by creating an effective strategy that takes into account all the trends and the latest in the world of digital technology. That way, you are sure to gain an edge over other players in the market.

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