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Digital Marketing Ideas In a Changing Business Landscape
Knct Social / 19 Sep /

You have a great product or service but your digital marketing is not right there with the best or is getting a bit jaded. You should now start thinking of fresh and relevant digital marketing ideas to ensure your brand grows stronger.
If you have already ensured that the SEO is in place, apart from content marketing, social media marketing and PPC, among others, you could try these digital marketing ideas to bring in some fresh air.

Digital Marketing

Marketing techniques that your digital marketing company will vouch for

  • It is 2017, and live streaming is all over the place. As a small business owner or a local brand, you can reap the benefits of live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Before you go live however, chart out content ideas for the session. You could try a Q&A session, and also incorporate questions from your audience. Or you could live on an event that your business is hosting.
  • If you haven’t tried influencer marketing before, try it now. It could be on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, but it is a fact well acknowledged that audiences trust the recommendation or opinion of someone they already know, respect or value. Influencers need not exactly be celebrities, but those who have a sphere of influence in a niche area — something that is in line with your product or service.
  • Yes, it is 2017, and email is among the oldest communication platforms among the digital tools we now have, but it is still going strong. It is one of the best marketing techniques so use it well. Sending out emails at appropriate times with good CTAs and personalisation will go a long way in boosting your ROI and conversions.
  • Content that is ephemeral is also a great way to boost your digital marketing efforts. This is because content that will disappear soon feels like important content that no one in your audience wants to miss out on. Ephemeral content creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), and will get more audiences. Brands can also use such content, specifically video, to present an authentic side to them. This could be behind-the-scene product related stuff or DIYs done in a very casual, natural manner and a departure from art-directed videos or ads. Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook now has a platform for ephemeral content.

A clear strategy is vital, ask any digital marketing company!
Before you follow all the above techniques, bear in mind that your brand/business should have a comprehensive strategy in place — which social media platform brings in the most ROI? Where is your biggest audience? What solutions are you offering, etc

Being mobile-first, one of the crucial marketing techniques
Study after study has shown that users are increasingly taking to their mobile devices to shop, watch, book shows, order and consume content, especially via apps. It’s an inter-connected world, and it is important that your digital marketing is compatible across devices. Customers could kickstart an action on one device and complete it on another, so your digital marketing should be geared towards this funnel.

VR, AR and the Internet of Things: your marketing techniques come into play
It is projected that the year 2020 will see over 70 billion connected devices which will all be communicating with each other, and will have huge implications in terms of digital marketing. So, if a certain customer is in the vicinity of your store, you can personalise a campaign for the specific customer. Using virtual reality and augmented reality, you can provide your customers with an immersive experience
Businesses need to constantly update their strategies based on their audience and embrace new ideas to stay ahead of the race.

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