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Dynamic google ads: All you need to know
Knct Social / 08 Mar /

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Dynamic Google Ads can be your secret ingredient to better traffic and conversions, if used wisely. Dynamic search ads (DSAs) can fill up the gaps in your search campaigns, help you expand your market and catch all those difficult traffic you never thought you would.

What are Dynamic Google Ads?
Basically, dynamic search ads show up based on the content of your website. They are, in a sense, a ‘match’ for your landing pages. AdWords crawls through your site and uses details from your landing page to decide if it can enter an ad into the auction on a particular search. Thus, it complements your existing keyword campaigns and eventually delivers more clicks and conversions.

Why should digital marketing companies in Bangalore use DSAs
Dynamic Google ads are especially handy for any company with a huge inventory of landing pages -- typically e-commerce advertisers. For others, DSAs are a worthwhile investment because most websites have a constantly changing mix of products and dynamic ads can help upload new products and remove those that are not selling. DSA is also useful for increasing brand awareness.

Benefits of DSAs
As is evident, there are a number of advantages in using dynamic Google ads to supplement your existing AdWords campaigns.
Some of the advantages include:

  1. Mine for new keywords: DSAs are a great way to look for new keywords; dynamic ads can be extremely specific about searching for terms that can increase clicks. DSAs can be run in the background so that the changes in user behaviour and keyword trends are not missed out on.
  2. Remarketing: Dynamic Google ads can be a great tool in search remarketing campaigns. DSAs enable ads to be shown only to users who have previously visited your site or taken any action on your site. It will allow Google to find users who are familiar with your website or your products.
  3. Keep your AdWords campaigns in sync: According to available research, nearly 16 per cent of searches are the ones that Google has not noticed. With dynamic search ads, the Google AdWords campaign can be kept more in sync with your products and what users are actually searching for. The advantage is you are still in control and DSAs can be optimized with targeting options, bids and budget settings.

The disadvantages of using DSAs are minimal. A downside may be that Google is getting a lot of control over your ads. Also, sometimes, with DSAs, there is a chance of less-relevant traffic. To avoid this glitch, it is important to constantly monitor search query reports. It is important to note that if your website has poorly optimized title tags, keywords and SEO, DSA will do a poor job of matching as well. 

In Conclusion
Dynamic Google Ads can be a great way to improve a stagnant website without spending long hours on keyword research. It can help fill up gaps in your current structure and drive additional traffic to your website. Ultimately, it is worth giving them a try.

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