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Ecommerce Development: A Good Landing Page is Bound to Win You the Day
Knct Social / 20 Nov /

If you are wondering about landing pages, here’s a scenario to consider. You invite guests over in a manner that they find hard to turn down. As the D-Day arrives, you spruce up your home. You do everything you should be doing as a host to make your home inviting. You hope the meeting will lead to a longer lasting relationship. Your marketing campaign is akin to an invitation. You create landing pages that your visitors are impressed with; you offer a promise and hope for further action. Which is a lasting relationship, or a buy, as the case maybe.

E-commerce Development

Ace your Web Development fundamentals

There is no one-size-fits-all kind of landing page. Different campaigns and websites require different landing pages. You could create a separate customised page for a specific campaign that is time-bound or you could use an existing page. When you are announcing a discount offer or a end-of-season sale, you might want a different landing page from the one you use on a regular basis.

•    The rule number one of a good landing page is to make sure that the page is in line with the overall campaign and the content therein. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the landing page and list out the goals and objectives. Every element of the landing page needs to be aligned with the ad or the search that initially led the visitor to the page.

•    Make sure your landing page loads well, and is user-friendly. It is important that the visitor gets what she came here for — if you have routed them here through a search for a specific product category, make sure only that category is displayed in the landing page.

•    Do you have the headline that matches the search? Making it compelling is half the battle won, so pay attention to the choice of words.

•    Get the call-to-action right. Craft the CTA according to which stage of the buying cycle the visitor is in. The greater the clarity over the goal of the landing page, the better the conversions.

Say it with a picture: Web development done right

If you have a high-resolution quickly loading product image on the page, it works wonders, especially if your campaign is aimed at a product launch. Nothing works like a well-shot product picture. Throw in links on the side of the page where you can spot more product information, or a sign which displays thumbnails when you move your mouse or cursor over the product image.

The long and short of it: Does length matter?

When you have to choose landing page length, you wonder what’s the right size. However, there is no one answer here as well, and context is indeed everything. If you have a product or service that needs a lot of mental or financial investment from the customer, it doesn’t harm you to use a longish landing page that gives the customer significant information. On the other hand, if it is a lifestyle or fashion brand, you could stick to a short landing page. If you are sticking to a long landing page, ensure that it is structured well. The greater the complexity of the service or product, the more you may need to explain. A simple, direct offer may need a short landing page. When you are clear about the page goal, the length is often an automatic decision.

A/B testing is crucial

If you are unsure about what works and what doesn’t, use A/B testing on different variables separately. You can test not just for images, fonts, layouts, but also length, alignment etc. Pick the one that works best. Once you are set with all the sprucing up, you are sure to see conversions. Brand loyalty is just a good landing page away!

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