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Email Marketing: Tips to increase your subscribers
Knct Social / 28 Dec /

Email marketing often does not get the credit it deserves. Despite many surveys declaring categorically that email marketing is several times better at getting customers’ attention than any social media channel, many marketers fail to incorporate it into their digital marketing strategy. This is foolhardy because most expert marketers have noted time and again that email, in fact, is the ‘most effective channel’ for generating marketing revenue.

Email Marketing in Bangalore

Email subscribers are the key

The key to effective email marketing is building a large and loyal subscriber base. If employed well, email can be that vital bridge between leads and sales; and if you indeed focus on increasing your subscriber base, it will ultimately bring in more revenue and credibility.

What should an email marketer do?

However antiquated email marketing sounds, it is incredibly effective in building trust as well as generating profits. But this can happen only if the email marketer is willing to expend time and energy to grow his lists, build a relationship with his customers on email by understanding their needs and including them in his communications.

Tips to increase email subscribers

Building a list of loyal subscribers involves a few tried and tested tactics. Here are a few of them.

1. Keep the content engaging

One content will not fit all, especially when it comes to email marketing. Some customers might be greatly interested in a free e-book, others in a webinars while some others might care a lot about a white paper infographic. To capture all of these customers, it is important to give some context to your content. Since most customers are looking for specific information, you can increase visibility and generate leads by promoting your newsletter, offering discounts for those who opt to be in your list, putting up free resources/guides etc.

2. Cross Promotion is good for business

The best way to grow a list is to take in customers from others’ lists! A list of companies that have similar products/services as yours will serve you well. Email marketers can then get in touch with these companies and suggest a mutual recommendation of products or even a promotion of special deals, giveaways etc. When people receive a message from a brand already known to them, they tend to automatically believe what they are being told.

3. Take social media’s help

Social media platforms are great for engaging with your customers; they are also a great place to convert your audience into email subscribers. For instance, instead of providing a direct link to your content on your social media page, you can direct your audience to a landing page that coaxes them to subscribe to your newsletter. But do make sure that you have researched your audience and you know that they are interested enough in your product/service or content. Also ensure that your landing page is optimized for all devices.

4. Smart retargeting

If someone lands on your page and does not subscribe to your mailing list, don’t get disheartened. It might not always be the case that they are not interested. Internet is a world full of distractions and there can be a million reasons why an interested customer has not subscribed to your list on his first visit. This is where retargeting comes in. Always use your social media platforms like Facebook to retarget your potential customers and give them another chance to subscribe.

There are several other tactics to better your digital marketing strategy but email marketing remains a solid way to attract customers. If executed properly, it can build incredible credibility and increase revenue exponentially.

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