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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Messenger Day
Knct Social / 01 Mar /

Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and now Facebook Messenger…Wondering what’s the one feature common among them all? It is that you can share videos or pictures with your contacts and the world for 24 hours before everything disappears! Curating videos and photos in one space to make a coherent story out of them seems to be the in-thing and Facebook has just launched Messenger Day for both Android and iOS users across the world.

How does Messenger Day work?
All you need to do is open the Messenger app, and tap on the ‘camera’ option. You can also use the ‘Add to your Day’ option to get going. Take a selfie, or a photo and add some special effects or art. The option of adding some text on the photos is also available. You can send your pictures or videos to one person or a set of people, and your content will last for a day. Do note that your videos need to be about 15 seconds long. There is a whopping 5,000 set of filters to play around, plus many animated lenses for your selfies.

The implications - pros and cons

  • With the launch of this new feature, Facebook Messenger is giving you the opportunity to not just send out messages that have a sense of immediacy to your contacts, but also use it in an innovative manner. It is the value of Snapchat/Instagram rolled into an already existing Messenger app. You can keep things minimal, send out messages and also venture out into creative territory in the same app. There are many parts of the globe where Snapchat has made very few inroads. There are also many who don’t use Instagram Stories, but use Messenger. This new feature gives them no reason to explore the other apps.
  • The smartness of Messenger lies in the fact that it now gives people something fun to do while waiting for contacts or friends to respond to their messages. It gives you more reasons to explore Messenger which you earlier used for a quick ‘hi’ or an urgent question.
  • On the flip side, many argue that Facebook Messenger is diluting its value as a “pure messaging” option with Day. Also, all said and done, it is an inspired product. The naysayers could argue that the sharing photos or videos option with all possible privacy settings is already available on Facebook, so why take away from FB’s value and create fragmented audiences?
  • Another disadvantage that the naysayers could point out is that it is not possible to disable Messenger Day. You can’t just use Messenger and avoid ‘Day’. This may nudge people to abandon the app and take to other purely messaging apps or old-fashioned texts.

Wait and watch
The advantages and disadvantages aside, it remains to be seen how many users will like this new feature and how well they will use it.

Now that Facebook has gone ahead and shown Snapchat that all of the latter’s features can easily built upon, it now needs to be seen what Snapchat has up its sleeve to capture its users’ imagination. The ball seems to be right back in Snapchat’s court, and let’s see what comes next!

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