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Facebook Chatbots for business: Here’s why you need them
Knct Social / 28 Jul /

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Chatbots are the newest sensation in the dynamic world of online marketing strategies. And this time, the hype seems to be justified.
With the rise of many bot-building tools and Facebook launching chatbots on its Messenger service, bots even in their present nascent stage, have had a huge impact on how consumers are interacting with brands. Digital marketers are now being forced to recognise how chat bots are becoming a crucial part of any marketing strategy.
But using a chatbot as a marketing tool needs careful understanding of customers and precise planning. With incorrect usage, chatbots can turn out to be off-putting, even sometimes annoying a potential customer instead of helping him.

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Why Chatbots?

Increasingly, businesses that understand new-age customer interactions are the ones who succeed. Customers today want instant answers and responses and are turning to social media messaging to contact businesses with their questions, doubts and complaints. What chatbots helps you do is provide these customers with instant responses. Be it basic questions about the price of the product to more detailed queries about troubleshooting, bots can satisfy them efficiently, thus making your customer service responsive.
Chatbots are also a great tool for automated services such as bank transactions or any other process-driven work like booking tickets. They make laborious tasks like tracking customers' courier packages easy and quick.
The chatbot phenomenon has picked up pace so rapidly because bots are not only value additions but also are flexible tools, which can be customised to suit a variety of purposes.

Do Facebook chatbots deliver?

Evidence shows it does. Facebook Messenger bots are providing all the key services required in today's digital eco-system -- sending links, displaying images and allowing descriptions along with additional features. Already, more than 50 million businesses are using Messenger for communication and the company is taking advantage of this large user base to easily integrate new features and provide an enhanced experience. Today, Facebook chatbots can provide traffic and weather updates, track receipts and orders, deliver live messages and interact directly with users.
A search bar has been recently introduced that helps the user connect to companies that already have bots.
Apart from these tempting features, the fact that Facebook Messenger reaches over 900 million users is a big plus. This means it already is solid advertising and marketing platform and eventually could prove to be one of the best options for businesses to interact with customers without investing in high-end call centre agents.

Some chatbots you can try

Now that we understand the significance of chatbots, let us look at some of the best Facebook chatbots out there.

  1. Assist: Assist is a bot that is straightforward and practical; it helps people with basic professional and personal tasks. It offers a menu of things it can do for your business and it is up to you to choose what you like.
  2. Hello Jarvis: One of the best known, Hello Jarvis is considered to be the most professional as well. In the simplest words, it helps you to do certain things at a certain time. It assists your business by seamlessly integrating itself with your tasks.

Tools to create chatbots

There are a number of easy-to-use chatbot builders that can be employed to build your own chatbot. These do not need much technical knowledge and a simple tutorial can help you understand. Here we mention two such tools:

  1. Botsify: Used by big brands such as Apple, Botsify helps you create chatbots for free and what's more you get access to analytics and free integrations.
  2. Chatfuel: Chatfuel comes with a 10-minute tutorial and promises to help you launch a chatbot with “full features”. Its best feature is its template cards that help your chatbot ‘learn’ easily. It is free as well.

So go right ahead and get a chatbot of your own. Considering the present scenario, it is unlikely that your business will regret it.

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