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How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform Just Right For Your Website Development
Knct Social / 04 Oct /

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You have decided to launch an ecommerce website for your business; you have a fair idea of the content and design for your e-store. All that needs to be done is choosing the right platform for your business. Different businesses need different platforms and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So, how would you go about choosing the right fit?

Factors to consider for an e commerce development platform

Basic platform or elaborate: If you want to get your e-commerce site going with very few demands on your technical skills, you should choose a platform that has a lot of plug-ins, tutorials and themes. If your e-commerce development company is handling the website, then, they can put their coding and technical skills to use and opt for a platform that has more scope for customisation. If yours is a site that needs a whole lot of customisation, then your company will opt for a site that allows the same. When you opt for basic websites, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance or customisation and get your site going very quickly. On the other hand, if your business demands a more complicated website, you would need to approach an ecommerce development firm to help you with the setting up, support and maintenance.

Website Developement

Hosted or self-hosted: If you need a basic platform, you probably are better off on a hosted ecommerce platform/solution. On the other hand, if you are tech savvy or you are approaching an ecommerce development firm, you can explore the option of self-hosted solution.

Free templates vs paid: If you opt for a template that is free and available on the platform, chances are your website will look the same as other e-stores. If you choose a paid one, your online shop will look different from the others. However, free templates that are part of a simple e-commerce platform are easy to set up and maintain. Pick a platform that suits your budget and the simplicity or complexity of your e-store.

Security, key for e commerce development: Choose a platform that offers enough security at check-out for your customers. Check if the platform provides an SSL certificate, crucial for e-commerce security.

Payment options: The kind of payment interface, experience and shopping cart design also matters when you choose a platform. Choose one that suits your market and product, and shipping terms and conditions.

Above all, check what the experience will be like for the customer. A good user experience paves the way for customers to actual get to the checkout page faster. Ensure the pages load quickly, and checkout is hassle-free. Too many queries can lead to users abandoning the page, so make it minimal and easy. Technical and back-end support for the platform are also vital, so choose one that offers the best support tools.
A good ecommerce platform is the foundation on which your revenues and sales rest. Choose a solid foundation for all your ecommerce dreams to take concrete shape.

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