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How to Take Lead Generation to the Next Level —Sales
Knct Social / 16 Oct /

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First Lead Generation Then Conversions

Generating a lead is akin to getting people to notice you at a party; what comes next is more important. Do people talk to you and build a relationship with you, after the party? Similarly, once a potential customer evinces interest in your brand or fills a form, what next? Has the customer bought something? Has the lead moved into the next part of the sales funnel? Here are ways in which you can convert leads into sales.

Lead generation

It’s important to qualify your website leads

Check whether your leads are worthy of contact. Different leads have different attributes, and are in various points of the buying funnel. You will need a good CRM support to check the behaviour of the lead — social media platforms visited, mentions, etc. Qualifying leads is very important, but don’t take too much time doing so, or you could lose some genuine leads in the bargain.

Don’t let your website leads turn cold

No lead will wait forever, and you would need to strike the iron when it’s hot. If you delay following up on your leads, chances are your competitor will lap them up. Your sales team would need to act immediately and send out content that is aimed at taking the journey forward. Special attention should be paid to the content; quality content that aligns with the persona of the prospect is key. Of course not all online leads are equal, but it still helps to respond in quick time to a lead rather than wait for the ‘right’ one. Also, immediate action will help you take the next step, that of nurturing leads.

You should nurture your leads well for online sales

Your online lead needs a lot of nurturing. This is an activity that is right in the middle of the funnel. You might be sending out newsletters or creating online content for your lead’s consumption; in such a scenario ensure that the messaging is interesting, honest, useful and personalised. Personalised messaging means your lead will begin to trust you. It will help you establish a strong bond with your lead and prospective customer. Also, your website needs attention and care. Ensure that all the information a prospective customer needs is there on your website, be it product/service information, the ‘About us’ team or the FAQs page.

Entice your leads into completing sales

This step is an extension of nurturing. Sometimes, you may have to offer some freebies like a gift voucher, scratch cards, free webinar course etc to draw your leads into completing sales.

Don’t forget to set deadlines

While it is important to convert every lead into a sale, it is also important to set a deadline when it comes to non-responsive leads. You can craft your last message/mail in a smart manner. Sometimes, when you send out a message saying, “We haven’t heard from you. Any queries, you can reach out to us,” it could trigger a response or a conversion.

So, when a lead comes your way, think of it as a seedling. Nurture it, tend to it, entice it and soon you will see it flower!

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