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How to Take Your Content Writing Game to the Next Level
Knct Social / 28 Nov /

How to Take Your Content Writing Game to the Next Level

Did you just marvel at that crisp, smart headline in a certain social media post or a blog? Did you find a certain podcast highly engaging or did you share a video because it spoke to you? Then, it means a content marketer somewhere has succeeded! Content marketing is all about providing content relevant to a business or brand by way of blogs, social media, photos, videos, podcasts or live streaming. But not any content will do, does it? You need to make it so engaging that the audience would want to share it and make it go viral. If you are a content marketer, you succeed when a certain piece of content creates brand engagement, memorability and brand loyalty. And finally lead to conversions — then, only then, can you rest!

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So, what are the essential qualities a good content marketer should have?

Be open to new ideas and possibilities: Having an open mind is very important; you should read a lot and have a wide range of interests — the more open you are to new ideas, the better. You can bring all these influences into your work. Much like journalists, you should be a master of many things.

Cultivate curiosity and learn to research: If you want to be a content writer of any standing, you should be curious, learn constantly and have the ability to research. You would have to research a topic thoroughly for a better understanding of a subject.

Develop clarity in thinking and writing: Keeping it simple is an important aspect of any kind of communication. You should be able to understand complex ideas and convey them in the simplest form to your readers/audience. The simpler the messaging, the better your audience will understand the subject.

Personalize content: Speak as if you are talking to one person, and make each person think a certain piece of content has been generated only for them.

Catch the pulse of your audience: A very important facet of content writing is to understand your audience. Use data and analytics to get the pulse of your audience. Ask yourself what their likes are, what trends they follow, who they are, how and when they engage with your posts/content. It is also important to understand what kind of content works on what channel — what works on Snapchat may not work on FB, and so on.

Understand your competition: Keep an eye on what other brands are doing, understand their work culture, so you know how to differentiate your content from the herd, and develop a voice and tone of your own.

Think on your feet: Yes, you plan your content ahead and schedule them, but once in a while, there comes an occasion when you have to quickly adapt your content to a new situation. You may have to create content live, as in streaming video, or posting images of an event, and you would need to get it right.

Edit, constantly and ruthlessly: Most writing is also rewriting. You would need to fine-tune your writing constantly, eliminating repetitions and verbosity. You would need to make your copy crisp and to-the-point.

What else should a content marketer look for?

A good content marketer should have a fair knowledge of SEO, HTML and strong analytical capabilities. Interpreting data from a campaign and understanding how well a campaign has done is equally important.

There’s no shortage of content marketers, but what will separate you from the rest is your ability to always keep your eye on the ball, play each ball on its own merits and up your game. Yeah, that’s cricketing language, but yes, a good content marketer would definitely get that!

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