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Latest Design Trends to Make Website Development Cool
Knct Social / 24 Oct /

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There’s an explosion of content on online platforms, making it all the more challenging for your Wordpress website to stand out. All other things being equal, one of the best ways to make your website/blog appealing is to focus on design trends.

Digital design and content styles keep evolving and consumers of content are being exposed to new ways. Their tastes are being shaped on the basis of these new trends. When you build your Wordpress website, it becomes important to track these trends.

Influence of mobile on website design trends

The sheer number of mobile users has dictated the evolution of some web designing trends. One key trend is to see long or single pages in your website. This trend has evolved because most smartphone or tablet users are diffident or uncomfortable with clicking too much. A single long page in your website would mean users can keep scrolling up or down a page. Responsive websites are not just trendy but also inevitable. Faster loading pages, sites that load well and adapt to your screen size get more visitors and could lead to conversions.

Latest Web Design

Video header, a key element of Wordpress development

While a video header is not exactly a new trend, it was not hugely popular with users of Wordpress. That has now changed, and Wordpress is giving its users a whole lot of themes that have the video header element.

Parallax scroll effect here to stay

A new Wordpress design element is parallax scroll wherein the background moves at a relatively lesser pace than the foreground, lending depth to a page.

Web designing with greater control to user

Wordpress users now have greater control over design; you can control your blog/website layouts by dragging and dropping specific design elements without changing the basic structure of the website. If you are someone without any experience of web development, you can still build a classy website with the best of design elements. This trend of drag-and-drop features is here to stay.

Website design customisation

Customisation through CSS, HTML5 and JS is a great way to build pages that stand out from the rest. The tools and the platforms are now available and it truly depends on the user to make the most out of them.

Microinteractions and user experience

A term that is being bandied around and will continue to be used is interstitial tension or anxiety. It is a state in which a user feels anxious when they initiate action and await a response. This could be hitting a social media button and waiting for it to turn a different colour, waiting for the tick mark to appear once you complete a form/field or a confirmation of your order. Microinteractions can lower these anxieties and lower bounce rates. This feature can be incorporated into your Wordpress website as well. Microinteractions like the ‘sending’ or ‘submit’ button help by letting users know that their message/action is being processed. This boosts user experience and lets people stay on your site longer. Which, by the way, is the whole purpose of your having a site in the first place!

So, keep the latest trends in mind and design a Wordpress website that will engage, entertain and inform your users, while you count your profits!

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