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Paid Marketing: Google AdWords gives a big boost
Knct Social / 23 Nov /

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Google AdWords has rolled out an early Christmas present to digital marketers. AdWords now allows Marketing Companies to remarket search ads to those who have previously watched a business’ YouTube videos.

Paid Marketing

What is remarketing?

As far as remarketing goes, this is pretty huge news. For the uninitiated, remarketing is a way of connecting with those visitors to your website who have not made an immediate purchase. It positions targeted advertisements in front of these visitors as they browse elsewhere on the Internet – in the hope of reinforcing product information and luring them to convert.

Executing remarketing in the right way can be a powerful way to improve sales conversions and raise your brand profile. Basically, remarketing works by placing cookies on your website visitors’ devices in order to target visitors who viewed a particular page/product/service but didn’t go on to make a purchase.

Remarketing with the support of Google AdWords can be greatly useful for businesses as well as consumers since it will specifically channel products to people who have already expressed interest in buying them. It will also allow for more tailored ads and certainly, more effective marketing. Since it is now an established fact that YouTube reaches more people than any TV network, it automatically becomes a great avenue for marketing.

How does it work?

Experts suggest that creating a video remarking list can be a sure-fire way of targeting potential customers and ‘staying’ with them as they move along the Internet. For instance, let’s say a customer has watched a video on make-up products. As a digital marketer, what you can do is show them a Google Search ad if you are a marketer of lip colours, for instance. This will help you stay with your customer while he perhaps searches for ‘best lip colours’ on Google. Thus, a marketer is easily able to guide the customer down the sales funnel with this video remarketing plan.

How to get the feature

You can log into your AdWords account and navigate to Shared Library>Audiences>New video remarketing list and immediately start employing this new feature.


It is good to remember here that YouTube already allows advertisers to remarket YouTube ads to those who have previously interacted with the channel. What Google AdWords has effectively done is give a further boost to digital remarketing by allowing search ads as well.

The best and most effective way of leading potential customers into the sales funnel is to utilise the video remarking list that the new feature offers.

Google, in its announcement, noted that YouTube’s reach is enormous and its demography is adult—what this means is that by remarketing on YouTube, it is potentially possible to reach customers who have higher buying power.

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