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Paid search troubles? Your web design company in Bangalore may have the answers!
Knct Social / 26 Dec /

There can’t be many things wrong with your website redesign — after all, you have made sure to offer your users a better experience. Right? No, wrong! There are occasions when your website redesign can actually harm your paid search efforts. Wondering how? Read on.

Web Designing Company in Bangalore

Ensure your PPC and web designing go hand in hand

Tracking codes: You have worked on the latest trends in design and layouts, and have ensured that your content has everything going for it, but have you realised that many pay-per-click or paid search elements can get lost in the transition to a redesign? One of them is tracking codes. Tracking codes provide crucial data that help you fine-tune your paid search efforts. This could be Google Analytics code, remarketing code or AdWords conversion code. All these might be lost or tweaked during redesign. It is best to get your web design company to correct or safeguard tracking codes during redesign.

•   Landing pages: When there’s been a redesign, chances are you are sending all your traffic to a broken link. Make sure the URLs of the landing pages that your campaigns lead to have not been changed post redesign. Always check to see if the updated URLs are working before directing traffic to those pages. This is very important for your paid search campaigns. Stupendously high bounce rates or zero conversions post redesign should ring alarm bells for you.

•   Functionality of the site: This may seem obvious, but sometimes overlooked. If your website redesign is not handled well, there could be a video that has not been embedded the right way or a link to a product that is broken. The contact form may not be working as well. This is bound to negatively impact your paid search campaigns.

•   Is there a match? Does your ad and the content on the landing page match. You can’t have created a campaign for a discount on one category of products leading to a landing page with a different set of products or services! Make sure the call to action on the ad campaign is the same as the one on the page. Ensure that redundant promotions or CTAs are removed.

Website design elements not to miss

Make sure all the info you provide about the company is right. A redesign means a chance to check all aspects of the site to ensure that the data remains accurate. This may seem obvious, but you could have skipped a thing or two during redesign that make affect your paid search campaigns. You may have skipped a contact info form or the timings part, making it difficult for prospective buyers to reach you.

Also, ensure that elements aimed at building trust among users are not skipped. These could be badges or testimonials. Sometimes, they may be present on some pages and not on others. Ensure that these trust elements are present on most pages because there’s no guarantee that a new prospect will start exploring your site from the home page. If an ad campaign takes them to an FAQs page or a specific product category, you would need to put your contact info or trust elements there as well.

If a phone number or contact detail was earlier displayed on the top of each page on the old design so that they could reach you effortlessly, post redesign, this may be missing. This can hamper your paid search before your visitors won’t have easy-to-spot contact info

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