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Social Media Marketing: Facebook begins the unmasking
Knct Social / 12 Sep /

Social media marketing isn’t easy. There was a time when lazy advertisers used to routinely dupe Facebook’s reviewers by directing them to a dummy or a fake page or worse, ‘cloak’ the real destination of the link that is attached to a post or an advertisement. But today, the fightback has begun and in full earnest

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: The scene is changing
Evidently, social media networks like Facebook understand that content creators need to earn money but they will not allow it to happen at the expense of the social network they have so painstakingly created and the integrity of their genuine advertisers. This is indeed the real deal because this new-age Facebook marketing can eventually end up transforming the way content is created. The world’s biggest social media network is also promising to provide more transparency to advertisers about their campaigns, strong pre-campaign analytics, and finally, more clarity and control for digital marketers

How is this done?
In a company blog post, Facebook revealed that they are utilizing artificial intelligence and deepening review processes to “identify, capture and verify” cloaking. With these processes in place, Facebook claims the differences in the type of content served up to its users is more visible, thus enabling them to take appropriate actions in the case of fraudulent links.
Facebook’s move is only the latest in a series of measures companies have been taking in the past year to hunt and cut down on fake links. Facebook had already stepped up its game against clickbait links and with this update, has declared a full-fledged war against spammy links and, more importantly, the spammers who create and share them.

What does this mean for social promotion?
Facebook has warned that any page or advertiser that continues to violate its advertising policies and disguises links will be banned. In fact, it claims in its blog post that already, “thousands of offenders” have been caught and banned.
Effectively, this means the big, shady subculture of randomised bots, trolls and fake links is being weeded out, slowly but surely. Digital marketers who employ bots and trolls for their social promotion may find a temporary drive-up in engagement and impressions but it is an illusion; and a dangerous one at that. Worse, it is also ultimately a waste of time and energy for both the creator and the user and can have the opposite of the desired effect.

In conclusion
These formalisation of rules against cloaking of links means advertisers can be confident that their ads are not being shown next to poor content. It also lets digital marketers know that their ads are actually being viewed; it makes analysing traffic that much more honest. Clearly, it is a win-win situation for both parties involved. It is time digital marketers realise this and stay away from using fake links and trolls as part of their social media marketing.

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