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Time to Take Charge: Get that Content Audit of Website Done!
Knct Social / 02 Apr /

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It’s spring-cleaning time, and you decide to declutter your home; you take an inventory of all the stuff you have accumulated and what needs to stay or go. This analogy can apply to the content audit of your website. You have spent time blogging, creating infographics, uploading video content on your website, but it’s time to see how all these elements are adding up. You need to see what stays, what needs improvement, and how to fine-tune your content marketing strategy in the future.
A content audit takes a serious look at every inch of content on the website. An audit begins with stock-taking and making an inventory followed by an analysis of the audit and then summarising and reporting.

Lessons from a digital marketing agency in Bangalore

Content audits are time-consuming and should be handled by professionals. You can seek help from a digital marketing agency to take it up. However, it is important to have clear goals of the audit. Ask yourself what you want to achieve by way of the audit. If you have clarity, it becomes easy to gather the data points either for SEO or content.

Some potential goals you can set for your content audit are as follow:

  • Content on my website that needs copywriting or editing to enhance quality
  • Content that needs to be refreshed and made relevant
  • Content that needs removal
  • Content that is ranking for different keywords, and what content that needs to be ranking for the said keywords
  • Strongest pages and weakest ones
  • Are my visitors finding the content they need? Are they taking action that is desired on a certain page?

Once you are clear about the goal, you can set your data points such as word count, call to action, comment and social media share numbers, content type (blog, landing page, article, video etc), author, tags, topics, and so on. Your data points could also be SEO-related such as page title, URL, target keywords, meta descriptions, page visits et al.

Audit and analysis

Using a variety of analytics and web-scraping tools, your expert will gather all the data and analyse it. The process of gathering and auditing will be long-drawn; the bigger the site, the longer it will take to audit it.
The different content and SEO assets will be broadly categorised into actionable tasks — keep, update, eliminate and consolidate. Depending on this list, you can fine-tune your content marketing strategy. You can get fresh posts written, old posts removed, and some updated.
The content audit expert, will at the end of the process, give you a report or summary of the audit. It tells you the exact number of pages that had a 404 error or a 301 redirect, for example. It will tell you how many pages that can be retained as they are, for instance.

Time to act
Now, armed with a wealth of insights and date, you should start implementing fresh strategies. Ensure you have fresh content that aligns with your visitors’ journey and keep them hooked. A content audit is not about pruning and elimination; it’s about consolidation and conversion.

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