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Tips on effective and quick marketing automation strategies
Knct Social / 08 Dec /

It is often said there are no shortcuts to success. Businesses often, because of a lack of time or manpower or the urge for instant profits, are looking for shortcuts to achieve successes. The problem arises when these so-called ‘shortcuts’ are actually grey and black hat marketing techniques. In such cases, the truism clearly will hold -- businesses investing in such underhand ways to achieve success will eventually fall from grace and might even end up getting blacklisted.

But this does not mean there are no shortcuts for success. The real shortcuts involve smart thinking and strategizing to gain marketing success. This is eminently possible and is the right way to gain more currency and increase profits.

Marketing Automation

Smart tips for digital marketers

Digital marketers must today be able to think on their feet and move with the times. As experts often say, marketing is not a one-time effort; it needs effort, energy, the right kind of planning and a good strategy. This also involves minimizing the time and energy spent on marketing, and yet, ensuring that the strategy applied is effective.

Here are some ways digital marketers can implement effective marketing strategies without wasting too much time.

1. Automate your marketing

If your ultimate goal is to save time and achieve better returns on your investment, automation is what you should be considering. It lessens the time you spend on tedious but necessary processes and thus you get more time to focus on lead generation. Several surveys have found that marketers using automation tools have noticed massive increases in leads.

2. Have a content strategy in place

A one-off blog or a content updation once in a while will not cut ice with your potential customers. Blogging is an effective way to provide customers with valuable information/product advice/suggestions and get customers to keep in touch with you. This can be achieved by publishing blogs regularly and thus providing value to the customers.

3. Clear out your email clutter

Most digital marketers spend a large time scrutinizing their emails and thus ending up spending too much simply checking and browsing through their inbox. Often inboxes are filled with junk -- leading the marketer literally nowhere. The best way to get rid of this clutter is to automate your email process. It is possible to set up an automation workflow that informs you when specific people email you; you can also set up search strings with specific keywords. This way, you can reduce the time spent going through needless junk and use the hours freed up more effectively.

4. Automate your content

As we have already discussed, content promotion is critical to effective marketing. It has been proved time and again that there is nothing better than good, high quality content to drive traffic to your website. Social media is a great way to promote this content but if a digital marketer does this manually, it literally takes him hours. By scheduling content and putting it in a buffer queue, you can automatically share content from your blog in several platforms at one go.

With these strategies in place, it is indeed possible for content strategists to find those elusive shortcuts to marketing success.

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