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Tools to up your social marketing game in 2017
Knct Social / 22 Mar /

Social media marketing is now an integral part of any digital marketing plan, and yet, even till very recently, knowledge about the right way to go about it was scarce as were tools one could employ. But things are changing rapidly, and today, there are many apps and websites that specialise in providing direction and focus to your social media marketing. By using them, your social media marketing can become smarter, faster and result-oriented.

It is important for digital marketers to remember that social media, unlike television, radio or print, is in multiple formats. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, each one of them need different approaches and strategies. That said, there are some tools that help you manage this difference and yet deliver optimum performance when it comes to digital marketing.

Here are some such tools that you can consider using.

  1. Track your social analytics

    Tracking individual metrics of each social media site is exhausting and time consuming. But it is vital to know how you are performing across different platforms. The solution?

    A plugin such as Social Media Pro. This is a WordPress plugin that displays all your tweets, shares, pins, likes etc., on a single dashboard. With this plugin you can figure out which of your posts are most popular, which were retweeted/shared most and which platforms need more attention from you.

    The plugin can also track both posts and pages on a WordPress site, thus ensuring that you get information about how your content material as well as your sales pages are performing.

  2. SEO for social media platforms

    Search algorithms might have undergone transformative changes but that does not mean keywords are any less important. SEO is not dead and if it is alive as it well is, it is important for digital marketers to analyse their SEO for social media platforms as well. It is well known now that Google crawls social media sites just like it does any other webpage. Hence your social links matter and it can impact your overall SEO too.

    Here, a useful tool to use is the SEOPresser, another plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily find out the state of your SEO -- it notifies you if your posts lack descriptions for instance. It can even tell you about your Meta tags and whether your keywords are optimized or not.

  3. Organise and manage your social media marketing

    Social media marketing is all about how you schedule your posts and distribute them across various platforms. For this you need to sync multiple accounts and upload items in bulk.

    A tool that helps you do all this is Buffer. With its clean interface and simple analytics, Buffer is one of the most popular tools available. Hootsuite is a similar and popular social media management tool that primarily allows you to post the same content across several platforms at one go. Hootsuite also allows you to schedule posts beforehand and helps you create campaigns and curate content easily.

  4. Do some social media listening

    One of the best marketing practices that experts advise about is social listening. It is important to know your industry as well as your audience. If you know what's there and who is looking at you, you will know what they desire. This is not easy; it will take much listening to refine your knowledge and understand your possibilities. But some tools can show you the way.

    One such is BuzzSumo that shows you which topics are 'hot'. It also allows you to search for topics and keywords of best performing tweets and posts so that you can refine your own posts. With BuzzSumo, you can also track the 'influencers' on social media and thus try to target them or build a social relationship with them.

    Another useful tool for social listening is Tagboard. This helps you understand which topics are being discussed and develop insights about what makes a post go viral. You can also keep track of your own brand mentions and posts. Tagboard also lets you search by using hashtags and keywords to see what is trending.

    By using some (or all) of these tools, it is quite possible to become an expert social media marketer. So what are you waiting for!


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