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Want a Website Revamp? Seek the Latest Web Designing Technologies
Knct Social / 27 Sep /

Creating a website is a walk in the park but if you don't give it some attention from time to time, chances are you will lose traffic and conversions. Much like your home might need some renovation every few years, your website also deserves a redesign. Technology, form and content need to be in perfect harmony for your website to be memorable.

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Website design: Is your site optimised for mobile?

The first factor that any web development company will check is whether your website is mobile friendly. In an era where people increasingly shop, play, read and watch on their mobile devices, it would be sacrilege not to pay attention to responsive design. Any web developer will tell you that your website has to look good on any sort of device, be it a tablet or a smartphone and load fast and well. Responsive web design or RWD is one technology that is here to stay, considering the state of flux that the digital device landscape is in.

E-store design? Listen to what your web designing company has to say!

If you are a brand/business that has an e-store or want to revamp your e-store, pay attention to what your web designing company is telling you. High-quality visuals, colour scheme that has a strong brand association, right use of fonts, smooth checkout process, pages that load quickly, fewer fields to enter at checkout, crisp product descriptions and a compelling call-to-action button, among others matter a great deal if you are redesigning your website.

So, what are some of the website design technologies and trends that will take your site to the next level?

  • Use of artificial intelligence or AI to create websites: There are some website builders and web design tools that have started using artificial intelligence. For instance, a tool could run you through the whole process of building a website and then ask questions before giving you website design/template recommendations. The program does all the formatting after you click the option you need. It needs to be emphasised though, that web designers would still need to fine-tune and make key decisions on design and aesthetics.
  • UI/UX designs: An increasing number of website design firms and developers are now paying a lot of attention to the UX/UI factor. Low attention spans would mean a designer has to make UX sharper and better. The less time or attention a user spends, the proportionately greater attention a designer has to pay towards making the site load faster, look great and capture attention. Use of GIFs and animations (Motion UI) are increasing, and a great number of websites use them in their web design.
  • Need for speed: One more offshoot of low attention spans is faster loading pages. Speeding up sites with the help of CSS code and JavaScript will go a long way in boosting user experience on the website. Faster loading pages are an invariable and important aspect of good user experience.

The reasons for opting to get a website redesign are many, from the need for a secure platform to introduction of new business goals or products/services. It could also be the need to stay ahead of the competition and garner more conversions. No matter what, a redesign should take into account your brand philosophy, your audience and goals, and should be based on the latest technology so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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