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Wondering why no one watches your video content? Here’s why!
Knct Social / 11 Jul /

If you look at the internet as a universe today, videos are its brightest stars. And just like in the real universe, in the internet too, the number of stars are near infinite.
There are more than 150 billion hours of video on the internet today. Every day, more marketers and brands are trying to reach their audience through videos, and moreover, consumers too are relying heavily on videos to understand a business, its products and to provide feedback. Not surprising then that video content is witnessing exponential growth on the web.

In such a scenario, it is eminently possible for a video you have produced, even if it is of the highest quality, to simply get lost. But instead of losing heart, it would be better to examine why such a thing might happen. Here, we examine some of the biggest reasons why your video content is not being watched enough, or worse, watched at all.

  1. Where is your video?
    Just making a great video is never enough. For your video to be seen, it needs to be visible. It is vital to optimize your video content so that it is easy for your customers to find it. No customer has the time or the energy to search for your particular video when he has so many options available. Video content can be optimized by understanding what keywords people are searching for and incorporating it in your video's meta description, tags and text. This will give your video a good chance of survival -- in other words, it will perhaps show up in the search results.
  2. Have you promoted it enough?
    Marketing campaigns cannot work in silos. If you have a great video but it is only hosted on your business website and not linked anywhere else, it is likely your audience simply do not know such a video exists. If you want word to get out and about your video, it is important to promote it on social media. For this, you need to enable social sharing buttons on your website as well as post the video on all your social media channels with attractive text and clickbait headlines. You can also get your employees and clients to share it to their feeds but ensure all of them use the same links so that the traffic is through a single funnel

  3. Is your video all that it promises to be?
    Consider you have promoted your video well and your keywords and descriptions have brought your audience to the right place. But now comes the real test. Your content should not be too long and dreary; neither should it be all about your sales pitch. Your customers are certain to get turned off and never return. Your content must be beneficial to both them and you or it should be something that excites your viewer.

  4. Do you know your audience?
    When you are creating your content, more so if it is visual, you have to keep asking yourself, who is it for and how will it help my brand/business? Not only should your content be relevant and interesting but it should also target the right audience. For this, you need a deep understanding of your customer and their preferences. Certainly, the video needs to be entertaining but it also must provide your customer information he is looking for or answers he is seeking for or at the least great visuals he can feast on.

  5. Are you misleading your viewers?
    Clickbait headlines and enticing promotions are all great only if your video is able to deliver on this promise. It is tempting to overstate the content of your video or mislead your viewer to thinking it offers more than it does. This strategy might get your audience to your video but eventually, once your audience understands you are misleading them, they will turn away. This will only result in your brand getting tarnished and your content being labelled unauthentic.

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