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WordPress Development: Building Your Website Made Easy
Knct Social / 30 Jan /

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Think blogs, think WordPress. But did you know that the best way to build your website is also to use Wordpress? It is intuitive, easy to use and produces websites that reflect the same ease of use and simplicity. Here are reasons why you should start using WordPress for your site as well.

Web development simplified via WordPress
Yeah, ease of use is the first key reason why your website should be built on Wordpress. You can add plenty of pages, different kinds of media and blog posts effortlessly into the website. Also, formatting your content is extremely easy. Even an amateur can do that. You don’t really need to master HTML or complicated code.

Did we tell you about the plugins?
The best part about using WordPress is the availability of hundreds of plugins so that your site is up-to-date. You can use these plugins for an efficient e-commerce website as well. You can add social media buttons, security elements, SEO tools…there are both paid and free plugins so you can build a truly professional-looking and classy website.

Built-in blogs: web development without hassles
Each Wordpress site comes with a built-in blog, and that’s a huge boon for any business. Blogs that are part of your business website contribute not just to SEO but also boost engagement. Blogging is among the most effective forms of content marketing.

WordPress sites rank well on search engines
A WordPress site has all the attributes to endear itself to search engines. The code is clean, the site is simple and offers excellent UX and UI; it is optimised for mobile, and then there are plugins handy for SEO purposes. You can make up unique meta descriptions, title tags and URLs. Pages load faster, which is yet another SEO win. Because Wordpress sites have a simple structure of links, it becomes easy to be found by search engines like Google.

Theme for a dream!
WordPress also offers a huge array of templates and themes to pick so you can give your website any kind of look you choose to. There are ready themes to suit your brand, business or sector.

Customization is a breeze on WordPress
From themes to templates, you can customize the look of your website without learning even an inch of code. Change background colours, create sliders, upload logos, add widgets or images without bothering about code.

You can add more than one user to the site
You can effortlessly add more users with permissions, although there will be one administrator in charge of assigning any new user. There are pre-defined roles, like the administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber, with different user permissions. This feature is ideal if you have many content writers working for your brand.

Maintenance is no headache
WordPress is easy to handle; most minor updates and releases are automatically updated. However, if it is a major version release, you would have to manually update it. Themes and plugin versions need to be updated manually. You can set up the Easy Updates Manager (plugin) which helps you enable automatic updates for themes, plugins, minor releases etc. If you want to go back to an older version of a plugin, you can install WP Rollback plugin which will help you go back to the plugins page on the WP site.

Responsive design
In today’s world, people don’t access websites from only their laptops. Increasingly, people use their tablets or smartphones to surf the web, and your business website needs to load well on any device. WordPress sites come with responsive elements, which means they launch on any decide by seamlessly adjusting layout and size.

With so many things going well for a WordPress site, why would you need to look elsewhere!

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